Tony Christie Interview

Published: 7th June 2018

The legendary Tony Christie is a man that needs no introduction. 

Five decades in the music industry, countless hit albums and singles – including Avenues and Alleyways, Is This The Way To Amarillo, I Did What I Did For Maria, and Las Vegas – one of the greatest voices around, and an all round nice chap to boot. Ahead of his show on Monday 11th June, Paul Jeffrey – from our marketing team – caught up with him to talk music, meeting heroes, fashion tips and the things he can’t live without.

You’ve been in the music business a long time. You must have met a lot of very impressive people. Could I ask if you’ve ever been star-struck?

I had the great pleasure of sitting between Roger Moore and Franz Beckenbauer at a charity dinner in Turkey. Sir Roger was a beautiful and extremely funny and friendly man. Franz is one of my all-time football heroes.

You’ve had a fantastic career, are there any regrets or things you’d do differently?

I wish I had been more business-like and less trusting, I have come across some wonderful people in the business and a few really bad ones.

Is there one artist / band that you’ve always looked up to?

My musical hero was Frank Sinatra. I have a huge collection of his recordings.

You’ve always been a sharp dresser, could you give me one style tip for the upwardly mobile gentleman?

Always buy the best you can afford, always take care of them and they will take care of you.

Do you have a favourite Tony Christie recording that people may not know about? 

My most favourite song that people may not know about is Someone To Watch Over Me. It is a beautiful and very emotional song.

You followed up your stonking 2011 soul record Now’s the Time with The Great Irish Songbook, which is a fabulous but very different record indeed. Did you feel that with your southern Irish roots, it was an album you had to record?  

The Great Irish Songbook is a project that was always in my heart. It was always my father’s wish that I did some traditional Irish songs. Unfortunately he died before I recorded it. We are starting work on The Great Irish Songbook Volume 2 in a few months.

What are the 5 things you can’t live without?

The five things I can’t live without are my wife, my 3 kids, my 7 grandkids, my Tetley strang tea, and of course, MUSIC.

We’d like to thank Tony for talking with us. He plays The Customs House on Monday 11th June.

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