The Hollies Story

Sun 30th Apr 2023

The Hollies Story

Follow The HOLLIES Story as Allan Clarke and Graham Nash met in a Manchester primary school aged five, and went on to become one of Manchester’s biggest bands ever.
Discover how two boys from the backstreets of Salford created a band to rival the Beatles, enjoyed dozens of chart hits and were finally inaugurated into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.
This highly entertaining show for all ages is packed with hit after hit, hosted by a seasoned narrator and performed by a talented young band…
After all, you should never send a MAN to do a BOY’s job!
So, if you remember songs like “Look Through Any Window”, “Carrie-Anne” “On a Carousel” and “I’m Alive” tell me….
Who is Jennifer Eccles?

Price: from £26

Venue: Main Auditorium

Running Time: 140 mins




Apr 2023

Time and Venue


VenueMain Auditorium



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