Gavin Webster South Tyneside Comedy Festival

Thu 25th Jul 2019

Gavin Webster South Tyneside Comedy Festival

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Watch the award winning (UK Comedian’s Comedian 2014) Gavin Webster wade through his years of misery watching Newcastle United, hitching lifts, driving with death trap cars, missing school, work, lectures, appointments, dates and also time when he could’ve been doing something, anything better like reading a book or taking the dog out.

Watch with empathy and recognition as all football fans will as he can’t be away from a radio commentary whenever Newcastle are playing despite falling out with the club over who owns it and clinging the modern vestiges of what’s great about Newcastle United in these awful Premier League days.

Price: from £7.00

Venue: Daltons 5

Running Time: 70 mins




Jul 2019

Time and Venue


VenueDaltons 5



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