The Theatre

If you represent a theatre company, or band who are coming to our theatre, or you are interested in hiring the theatre for a conference, the following technical information may be of use to you. If you require any further assistance, please email our technical department at [email protected]

Stage Depth: 7.8 metres
Stage Width: 14.7 metres
Proscenium Opening: 10 metres
Grid Height: 6.5 metres.
Black box surround
Black MDF Topped Floor
Fixed grid – No Fly
GENIE GS-1932 (IPAF 3A Licence (Or equivalent) Holders only, Identity care required)
6 Hemp Lines – SWL 50KG ULD
6x 2x1m Lite decking (various size legs available)
Hydraulic orchestra pit, which can be raised/lowered to 3 different preset levels. (Use of orchestra pit loses first two rows of seats in auditorium)

ETC Sensor Dimmers
70 15amp circuits. 24 circuits FOH.
3 x 10 way on-stage spot bars
2 x 8 on-stage dips
limited gel stock
10 x 1.2k Selecon fresnels with barn doors
10 x 650w Strand SL pro . les
10 x 1k par 64 par cans
7 x Martin Mac Quantum
12 x Martin Mac Aura

DigiCo S31 Mixing Desk
3 x DigiCo A168 CAT5 Stage Box
10 x RCF HDL-6a Line Array Boxes
4 x RCF 705-AS Sub
2x Mackie Powered Monitors
Various mics including SM58 & SM57
4 x Single DI boxes
SM comms 4 stations, show relay calls.

Audio Visual
1x Epson 16k Projector
Fast Fold Hanging Screen
Full Stage Cinema Screen

Stage Management
Technicians available on request. Casuals can be called if required.
Dressing Room 1, with Shower +WC
Dressing Room 2, WC only
Dressing Room 3, with Shower +WC
Dressing Room 4, with Shower +2 WC
Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer available

Click here to download Theatre Floorplans

The Studio

Stage Depth: 5 metres Stage Width: 10 metres Grid Height: 6 metres

ETC ION Classic
8 x Stairville HL-x180 CW/WW (LED Flood Wash)
6 x Stairville Z120M Par 64 LED RGBW 120W
4 x Stairville RevueLED Profile 3200 K 120W

Midas M32 Mixing Desk
Monitoring and microphones available, subject to availability
1 x  Dressing Room with WC and Shower

Stage Management
Technicians available on request. Casuals can be called if required

The Gallery

The newly refurbished Customs House Gallery, now boasts the latest lighting, sound and visual effects technology, in increasingly accessible surroundings, which will enable us to display the growing number of audio/visual arts. As well as offering a space that is attractive to artists and their work, we want The Customs House Gallery to be accommodating to everyone in the local community. The state of the art architectural lighting rig enables individual artworks to be lit in isolation, at any level and with any colour mix. There are two intelligent, computer controlled Robo lights that can provide a variety of effects around the gallery. Motorised blinds change the ambient lighting conditions to suit the varying exhibition requirements.

There is a four zone sound system that can be operated independently to provide either commentary and/or music in the various gallery spaces. A video projector and 42” plasma screen will enable us to participate in the growing popularity of audio-visual art Motorised blinds that can be used to manipulate the appearance of the Gallery. Other electronic display equipment is also available such as laptop computers, a digital video projector, CD/DVD player, Mini Disc, and an MP3 player.

Great emphasis has been placed on improving our access for people with mobility restrictions so in addition to the lift from ground floor to Main Gallery, there is also chair lift access the second floor Fusion Gallery. Magnetic door catches have been installed on the Main Gallery doors to facilitate easier entrance for wheelchair users. An audio-descriptive system that will provide detailed explanations about the artwork and its inspiration, to the blind or partially sighted, while also enhancing the experience of those with hearing impairments through amplification of sound. This is state of the art technology and we are one of the first venues in the country to use it. All of these features are produced by the latest digital signal technology, and controlled by laptop computer.