Sharing Our Work With Art Teachers’ and Educators’ Network

Published: 17th July 2017

The Customs House is always keen to share our Learning and Participation team’s expertise. We welcome invitations to speak at local and national events about our work with children and young people. Recently, we had the opportunity to talk to teachers about our schools’ work and involvement in local networks.

Elizabeth Kane Learning Officer spoke about her involvement with the North East Art Teacher and Educator (NEATEN). Elizabeth was kindly invited to take part by Susan Coles an arts education consultant, campaigner and founder of NEATEN.

Elizabeth’s role at The Customs House is varied but a large part of her job focuses on schools’ projects. Often these projects have  Arts Award as an outcome. Arts Award is a national qualification developing childrens’ communication, leadership and arts skills. You can find out more about the impacts of Arts Award here. The Customs House Schools’ Learning Programme is developed following conversations with teachers, reflecting The Customs House Arts Programming and with the  Arts Council England’s Quality Principles in mind. Elizabeth has been a member of NEATEN since it’s formation almost ten years ago.

The event was part of the National Society for Education in Art and Design Annual Conference (NSEAD) at Durham Sixth Form College. NSEAD are the leading national authority concerned with art, craft and design across all phases of education in the United Kingdom. NSEAD is a professional association and a trade union.

Elizabeth at NEATEN

Elizabeth at NEATEN

Elizabeth spoke alongside a number of primary, secondary and further education teachers as well as artist Sophie Lisa Beresford. The focus of Elizabeth micro-presentation was the reduction in the time for arts education, particularly in secondary schools, but also the work NSEAD have undertaken to make sure that research informs education policy and that children have access to excellent quality arts education at each phase (from key satge one to four and then post 16).

“Teachers across the region through NEATEN, and nationally through NSEAD, have done a great job advocating art education in schools. It’s great that in TES most parents said they want their children to have the opportunity to study art in school. Parents recognise the creative economy is growing and studying the arts helps prepare young people for creative jobs in that sector. Visiting schools across South Tyneside, and the wider area, I regularly see evidence of high quality art education happening. I know schools working with us at The Customs House brings new opportunities for young people and teachers and helps them develop their creative talents.”
Elizabeth Kane Learning Officer

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