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Published: 21st June 2018

Teachers you can now download our free ‘Custom Books’ local history resource from TES hereAnd not just teachers, if you are fascinated by local history you may want to take a look. If you are wondering, ‘Custom Books’ was a project inspired by chap books  an early type of publication made from a single sheet of folded paper. 

Custom Book

Custom Book

More About the Custom Books Resource

In 2017/18 The Customs House were awarded National Lottery funding, through the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). This money was for a project to work with a group of children aged 7-12. The group of children researched the history of The Customs House and chap books in the North East. We also said we would create a learning resource so more people could benefit from the project.

This presentation (a PowerPoint presentation) may be useful for teachers in primary and secondary schools. We think it is suited for pupils in key stage two and three. However, the presentation can be adapted for your pupils. You might just want to use a couple of slides, an images or the whole presentation.

The Content of the Resource

The resource covers themes such as printing and development of the River Tyne from the early-modern period (1500 to 1750) to contemporary period (1901 to the present day). We’ve included prompts to inspire young peoples curiosity and develop their research skills.

This presentation could help with a local history study. Alternatively it could be the starting point to inspire the creating of your own folded chap book about something you are interested in.

It contains two sections:

  • Part 1 covers our research into chap books. We used The Word; National Centre for the Written Word local history collection and information from The National Library of Scotland. We were helped by Catrin Galt from The Word and Dr Anette Hagan from NLS.
  • Part 2 presents pages from our chap book about the history of The Customs House.

Our next step in this project is to post a copy of the children’s ‘Custom Book’ book to every school in South Tyneside. The front cover is shown below…

Our Custom Book by The Treasure Group

If you have any questions or wish to offer any feedback any comments please email Elizabeth@customshouse.co.uk

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