Easter VR Scavenger Hunt

Available until 15 May, Free!

The Tricksy Trio has opened up a portal right in the middle of The Customs House stage which goes to their secret hideaway! We need your help to unlock the portal!


The Annoying Narrator, Dino and Clementine are hiding around the building with maps which lead the way to eggs hiding secret letters elsewhere in the building.

Look for them and then hunt down the hidden letters. Once you’ve got all six, see if you can work out the Easter-themed password to get through the portal. You can use the worksheet next to Dino to track your investigation. You can also download the worksheets in colour or black and white.

To play this game, you need to navigate the virtual Customs House tour above. The virtual tour works best in browser.

How to play:

  1. Click the arrows within the scenes to move around the tour. Click and drag to rotate the scenes.
  2. When you see any of the Tricksy Trio characters, click/tap on them to see pictures that tell you where to find the special eggs with hidden letters.
  3. There are six special eggs for you to hunt down. Click on the eggs to see the letters. Once you’ve got all six letters, work out the Easter-themed password.
  4. Head to the theatre stage scene to find the blue portal.
  5. Click on the portal and enter the password.
  6. If your password is correct, the portal will be unlocked.