A Custodian – a person who has responsibility for taking care of or protecting something

Dear Friends,

We are living in a real challenging time for so many people on so many levels. With the world in upheaval and so much demand on limited resources its sometimes impossible to think we can as individuals affect any change or make any difference in this crazy world. However, on a micro level small actions can make a huge change and really produce a positive outcome. The Customs House is not the biggest or shiniest arts venue in the world or even the region, but it resonates with our past and connects it to our future. The building itself and area in which it stands is steeped in history, as are some of the shows it stages which celebrate our heritage but look deeper and you will see a host of good work being done to develop people, to bring them together, to explore their creativity, to help them be the best that they can be.

The site remains an asset of South Tyneside Council and we are grateful of their annual support. We also compete for support from Arts Council England and various trust funds. Corporate support is limited in South Tyneside and in the current climate not expected to grow. So, in reality The Customs House is your place, not owned by some multinational, not backed by some billionaire oligarch, it’s yours, a little charity on the banks of the Tyne. A place for people and a people’s place.

More than ever it needs your collective support not in a huge way, but in a small committed way, a little contribution each month with no reward to you other than knowing you are safeguarding a special place for now and for the future. We can’t do it on our own but TOGETHER WE CAN. Please become a Customs House Custodian.

Thank You,