Mean Teens Breakdance Competition 2018 is coming!

Published: 6th April 2018

Mean Teens returns…
Mean Teens 2018

Breakdancers from around the North East, North Yorkshire and the United Kingdom come together each year to compete and be crowned the Mean Teens winner. This is one of the cornerstone events of our amazing Takeover Festival planned with young people in the Takeover Team.

Mean Teens is brought to you by Just Jam International & Bad Taste Cru  and hosted by Ken Masters. Live DJs and MCs create the atmosphere for exciting one on one or duo battles. The competition is open to dancers aged 19 years and under.

Prizes are awarded for first and second place by the judges Justice (from Badtaste Cru), McClane (from Full Mongrel) and Jacks (of Battlelions). Sounds good? If you’re not a dance don’t worry the vibe will be super chilled. Everyone is welcome to join in or simply watch as the day unfolds. Expect hiphop beats, live MCs, fresh moves and big sounds.

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