Masterclass Series 2 Wycombe 89

ABOUT: Wycombe 89 Media is a digital media company specialising in film and photography services based in South Shields. The partnership was formed by Chris J. Allan and Grant Robson, two friends who shared a passion for creating unique media entertainment with a North East flavour. With a shared background in film and teaching, together they have created work for various local institutions in recent years including theatres such as The Customs House, brands like Red Star Clothing and covered events such as the Alternative Model of the Year Contest. As well as producing a live DVD for music and stage star Joe McElderry they are currently in the process of releasing 2 short films onto the festival circuit, a documentary on local fundraiser The Big Pink Dress, and a zombie comedy First Date of the Dead. Wycombe 89’s studio is based at Amos Creative At Prospect House, South Shields. To find out, find them on social media or visit