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Published: 23rd July 2020

We are currently rescheduling events wherever possible and transferring tickets that have already been booked to the new dates – please see below for currently confirmed rescheduled dates and show updates. If you have a ticket booked for a rescheduled show, please rest assured your ticket has simply been transferred to the new date. If you find the date is not suitable you can contact us by emailing:

If your show has been cancelled we have automatically credited your account and the credit can be used throughout the building and will be valid for 12 months from the date we re-open. For the latest information, please keep checking

March 2020 Shows
18th & 19th: The Revenge of Tommy – Rescheduled to Thursday 20th and Friday 21st August
21st: Belter Bingo – Rescheduled to Saturday 22nd August
23rd – 26th: Primary School Music Festival – Postponed to September
27th:Classic Rock USA – Rescheduled to Saturday 15th August
28th: Come What May – Rescheduled to Friday 15th January 2021
29th: Fellowship Afternoon Tea – Postponed – Date TBC

April 2020 Shows
1st: South Tyneside Music Service Showcase – Postponed – Date to be announced
2nd & 3rd: All Our Yesterdays – Rescheduled to Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th October
3rd & 4th: Jason Cook’s Comedy Club – Postponed. Ticket holders will be contacted with alternative dates
4th – 9th: Northern Counties Dance Teachers Association – Cancelled
10th: Thank Abba For the Music – Rescheduled to Thursday 17th September
15th – 17th: Arbuthnot & Pals’ and the Chocolate Egg – Postponed – Date TBC
18th: Ace Performers Dancing Divas – Rescheduled to Sunday 25th October
19th: The ELO Story – Rescheduled to Sunday 6th September
22nd: Playing Out (Customs House Junior Youth Theatre) – Postponed – Date TBC
23rd: Carpenters Gold – Rescheduled to Monday 2nd November
24th: The Doris Day Story – Rescheduled to Friday 25th September
25th: The Jive Aces – Rescheduled to Saturday 19th September
26th: Sophie Doneathy Dance Showcase – Rescheduled to Sunday 27th September

May 2020 Shows
1st Herman’s Hermits – Cancelled
2nd & 3rd: Jason Cook’s Comedy Club – Dates Currently Held
6th – 9th: Everywhere We Go – Rescheduled to Wednesday 24th – Saturday 27th February 2021
10th: The Simon & Garfunkel Story – Rescheduled to Sunday 19th September 2021
16th: Steffen Peddie – Postponed: New Date TBC
13th – 17th: Encore – Postponed until Wednesday 11th – Sunday 15th November
21st: The Welkin (NTL) – Cancelled
21st: The VE Day Celebration Show – Cancelled
22nd: McFleetwood – Rescheduled to Wednesday 21st October
23rd: Little Mix Magic – Rescheduled to Sunday 24th January 2021

June 2020 Shows
2nd & 3rd: Staging the Dance – Cancelled
4th: Suitcases – Postponed / Date TBC
5th: Jason Cook’s Comedy Club – Postponed
7th: Spotlight Dance Academy – Postponed to 26th September
8th: 12th – South Tyneside Dance Festival – Cancelled
13th: We Love the Spice Girls – Cancelled
14th: Customs House Big Band – Cancelled
18th: Vision for Education – Cancelled
19th: The Opera Boys – Postponed to 15th October
20th: Hindu Nari Sangh – Cancelled
21th: Mamma G’s Tyneside Variety Show – Cancelled
25th: South Tyneside College: Summer Breakout – Cancelled
26th: The Tina Turner Experience – Postponed to 11th June 2021
28th: Bye Bye Baby – Postponed to 14th March 2021

July 2020 Shows
2nd: Encore for Charity – Cancelled
3rd: Blue Flamingos 60s Review – Postponed to 7th May 2021
9th: Neil Jones – Gingerland – Postponed to 10th March 2021
10th: The Bohemians – Postponed to 9th July 2021
13th: Twice Over – Cancelled
14th & 15th: Our Laygate – Postponed to 2021
17th: Steve Hewlett – One Man Many Voices – Postponed to 24th April 2021

September 2020 Shows
17th: Thank Abba For The Music – Postponed to 21st January 2021