Takeover 2022 Open Art Exhibition

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Takeover 2022 Open Art Exhibition

30th May – 17th June 2022
Exhibition Opening 30 May

The Takeover 2022 Open Art Exhibition is an exhibition open to all artists based in the North East aged 25 years or under. Making up part of the annual Takeover Festival, the exhibition provides a platform for young artists to exhibit works alongside other young people.

The exhibition features a diverse range of work from over thirty artists from the local community, showcasing contributions from community groups, schools, and individual artists. These works span the breadth of various artistic practices – from traditional media such as painting and collage to digital illustrations and even film. The works on display explore a wide range of subjects, including nature, the human form, popular culture and more. 

Through bringing together this broad range of work in one exhibition, we hope to not only demonstrate the diversity of the local creative community, but also encourage continuous creativity from the many young artists whose work is on display.

Artists who took part in the exhibition include:

Abigail Cook | Alexia Zamba | Alexus Haswell | Amy Campbell | Aria Bennett | Ava Trans-Myers | Ava Wass | Benjamin Smith | Bill Ashton | Charlotte Dougal | Charlotte Marnoch | Chris Henderson | Ella Stannard | Jessica Williams | Justine Blanche Marguerite Béliveau | Katie Messenger | Lauryn Lamb | Lee Drew | Lilly Butler | Lilly Cheape | Lucy Campbell-Renton | Lucy Phillips | Lucy Vasey | Miles Kilner | Ophelia Wass | Poppy Cook | Red | Sofia Mahmood | Sonny Harper | Steph Przygodzki | Teddy Green

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