Leaving a Mark

A Solo Exhibition of Deborah Snowball-Carr

The Customs House Gallery
28 July – 1 October 2023

As an artist with a wide and explorative oeuvre, Deborah Snowball-Carr has turned her inquisitive eye to perhaps the most certain aspect of humanity – mortality. Rather than focusing on the final point, she explores the journey. Do we as individuals leave traces of ourselves as we journey through life or, like a mark on the beach, does the ebb and flow of time eventually wash it all away?

Through her use of mixed media, Carr seeks to convey the impermanence of life and the desire to create something that will continue beyond her lifetime. Inspired by the rugged and ever-changing landscapes of the North Sea coast, Carr’s work draws on the power and beauty of nature to explore the complex emotions surrounding mortality. 

The works themselves incorporate both organic and synthetic materials moulded into naturalistic subjects, referencing the passage of time through decay and regeneration. Textures and vibrant colours are woven throughout the exhibition, highlighted further by bold metallic marks.

Leaving a Mark combines painting and exploratory sculpture to discuss the subject of impending mortality and the concept of human legacy, inspired by the imagery of the South Shields coastline. 

Virtual Tour:

Click and drag the screen to rotate the camera, then click the arrows on the floor to move around the gallery space. Click on the artwork to view a close-up.


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