Gaze on Screen

The Customs House Gallery
4 October – 19 November 2023

Gaze On Screen is an exhibition gathering together the work of a range of queer artists based in the North East, working across a diverse range of media, from digital illustration to oil painting to collage. United by a focus on TV and film, filtered through a queer perspective. They have produced a diverse and compelling body of work reflecting upon the complicated relationship that many LGBTQ+ people have had with media representation, especially during times when openly queer characters were few and far between.

However, alongside this, many of the works celebrate contemporary film and television, and the queer characters that the artists have come to know and love.

The exhibition features a set of collages which were produced as part of a series of workshops run with local LGBTQ+ community groups, opening up the project to a broader range of people, who may not have come from a traditional artistic background. This collaborative spirit is continued by a group printmaking project taking place throughout the exhibition’s duration.

Virtual Tour:

Click and drag the screen to rotate the camera, then click the arrows on the floor to move around the gallery space. Click on the artwork to view a close-up.


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