Dracula: The Travesty A Bitesize Interview Part 3

Published: 30th October 2018

Dracula: The Travesty A Bitesize Interview with Sophia Catleugh Part Three

We caught up with Sophia Catleugh ahead of Dracula: The Travesty’s opening performance on Wednesday to ask her a few questions about her journey into acting and how she landed the role.

First of all, tell us a little bit about your background.
I grew up in Peterlee, County Durham and then went on to study acting at college in Durham and then moved to Liverpool to study acting at LIPA. I am a recent graduate and this is my stage debut!


What made you want to get into acting?
It was something I never ever considered but always did naturally – my sister and I would recite full Disney films in our push chairs and would re-enact them for my nana with kids we played with in the street. I then saw Jim Cartwrights “Two” at the Octagon in Bolton and they looked like they were having a great time and the audience was with them every second of the way and I decided that’s what I wanted to do.

What drew you to get involved with Dracula: The Travesty?
The audition brief was ‘any comedy monologue with an aim to make the panel laugh’. This seemed liked a little challenge and I love comedy acting. Then, at the audition, I was given scenes from the play where the female character transforms into different characters within seconds of each other with different accents and physicalities and it was so much fun!

There’s 20 characters in the play, but only three actors. How does that work?
With great difficulty occasionally… mainly the quick costume changes but I think we’ve got it. It is absolutely hilarious to rehearse it!

How does it feel as a newcomer to the acting scene to work within such a small team of well-known actors and media personalities?
Being new to the industry, I can’t be happy enough that my first professional stage production is with Hopper and Alfie. They know what they are doing, so that’s very useful. And they are hilarious!

What’s your favourite thing about acting on the stage, as opposed to for television or film?
The rules are completely different… on stage (especially this one) anything goes. There are so many theatrical devices that would never work on television and in this play we are trying to use as many as we can.

We’re all familiar with the Bram Stoker’s original take on the Dracula story, why should we all come see this new twist on the well-known tale?
Because nothing’s better than taking a well-known, very seriously play and making it organised chaos. If you want to have a great laugh – with and at us – then definitely come along!

We’ve heard there’s plenty of fake blood and comedic horror in this production, are you a fan of all things Halloween or do you lie on the squeamish side?
I, myself, am very squeamish. I try and scare other characters in the play and end up scaring myself!

Where can we expect to see you next?
I am in a production of Sleeping Beauty at Christmas and after this… wherever the wind may take me!

Thanks for talking with us Sophia, we wish you every success with Dracula: The Travesty.

Dracula opens here at The Customs House on Wednesday 31st October for five performances, finishing on Saturday 3rd November.

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