Animated Experts #MyArtsAward

Published: 8th February 2018

This short animated film, created by children with the help of animator Lesley-Anne Rose, will help you discover the answer to common Arts Award queries.

It’s been #MyArtsAward week and this film has already been shared but we think its important our visitors see it. For many of you, you might not know how important The Customs House thinks Arts Award is. We do everything we can to support young people to enjoy and achieve this unique qualification. The Learning and Participation Team also work with Culture Bridge North East, to help support other arts organisations to embed and develop their Arts Award offers.

Throughout our partnership with Culture Bridge North East we have felt proud and enjoyed our work with other organisations. We know we have made a positive difference to children’s lives across the North East #MyArtsAward

How Did You Come Up With These Arts Award Questions?

These queries were gathered at Culture Bridge North East events and from an open call out. Some people were existing Arts Award Advisers and others were thinking about becoming advisers…. For people who work in cultural, arts or heritage organisations share the film to help raise people’s awareness of Arts Award. We answered all the questions that were submitted  but if you have more visit Arts Award here. Alternatively call the Arts Award Help Desk on 020 7820 6178 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Who Made The Animated Experts Film?

‘Arts Award Experts’ by The Treasure Group with additional voices by James, Grace, Tyler, Teagan and Bonnie-Belle on behalf of Culture Bridge North East with the Learning and Participation Team from The Customs House.

Elizabeth Kane Learning Officer said about the team,

Luna, Sophia, Jasmin and Megan worked really hard over the summer. They were so interested in finding out about Trinity College and what certified and moderated meant. They were all looking forward to their work being seen and helping people who work in all sorts of organisations from libraries to museums, schools to galleries.

It was fantastic getting some members of Youth Theatre involved. They were extremely professional. I loved seeing how they were able to translate the skills they developed performing on stage into just working with their voice.

We also want to thank animator  Lesley-Anne Rose fopr her hard work during the sessions and pulling everything together. A nod to musician James William Nicholson for donating his original music to the project.

We premiered the film at our recent Culture Bridge North East Arts Award Network Event. Enjoy!