Dracula: The Travesty A Bitesize Interview Part 2

Published: 26th October 2018

Dracula: The Travesty A Bitesize Interview with Alfie Joey Part Two

Ahead of their performance on Wednesday, we caught up with Alfie Joey who stars in Dracula: The Travesty to ask him about his rollercoaster of a career and how he ended up as one of the lead actors in Dracula.

You were raised in Peterlee, could you tell us your first memory?
Singing Tom Jones as a young child at Thornley Working Men’s Club where my mam and dad were working.

What were you like as child? Were you the class clown?
I entered every talent show at primary school, undeterred when I came last?

People may not know that you went into the priesthood. What was the journey that took you into a religious order?
I wish I knew!!

The next step was working as a comedian via Harrods as a toy demonstrator, which I think you’d agree is quite a change in trajectory.  What was the process that took you from religion to the stage at the comedy store?
Part of the process was writing to the Vatican for permission and I got a letter in Latin! I wish I’d kept it!

After working as a stand-up and performing far and wide, you started getting gigs as a TV warm up man. Was that period a real learning curve for you?
Yes, I was learning on the job and they were so different. I did the TV warm up for sketch shows, sitcoms, University Challenge and the Donny Osmond game show Identity.

Was there any comedians’ that really helped you or gave you advice?
So many comedians were good to me- particularly old school masters like Jimmy Cricket, Bradley Walsh and Mick Miller.

Did you get the job with BBC Radio Newcastle through your warm up work?
The boss of BBC Newcastle was after a comedian to take over on the afternoon show.

You are a chap of many talents – acting, impressions, comedy, presenting, painting – do you have a preference?
Ha! Well first of all I don’t see myself as talented, just relentlessly hard working.

How did you get involved with Dracula: The Travesty?
Simple- David Lee Hopper, who IS mightily talented- asked me! I said YES in a heartbeat!

You play a number of roles, how are rehearsals progressing?
David is a cracking director but he keeps the atmosphere fun!! Sophia is like him- a real all-rounder.

As a big fan of Frank Sinatra, have you managed to slip a song into the show?
I try! Come and see it to see if I succeed!

Dracula opens here at The Customs House on Wednesday 31st October for five performances, finishing on Saturday 3rd November.

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