A Visual Story About Snow White

Published: 11th December 2019

At The Customs House we are proud to bring fantastic arts experiences to people in the North East. We’re pleased to share a visual story for visitors who might be helped to have an even better pantomime experience at our pantomime ‘Snow White’.

What is a Visual Story?

Visual stories can be helpful for people with autism. They share information in a way that is easy to understand. They can be used to help prepare someone for a new experience.

Earlier this year we were approached by Sophia Ainsworth. Sophia’s son has autism and was performing a dance in the Liam and Chloe Together Forever show. Sophia asked for images of The Customs House to prepare asocial story to help her son feel prepared for his time on stage and in our building. After a brilliant performance and wonderful experience here at The Customs House Sophia kindly volunteered to prepare a visual story about our pantomime Snow White .

We hope this helps even more people to enjoy their visit to The Customs House.

You can open our Snow White Visual Story here: Snow White Visual Story

Thank You

Sophia said:

“Social stories can open up more opportunities for autistic people. They are a great way to help remove anxieties associated with new places. We use social stories as part of our holiday preparation pack at Spectrum Holidays and know how helpful they can be. We also use them at home with Luca a lot so I was more than happy to design a social story for Snow White at The Customs House helping other families enjoy their visit to The Customs House as much as we did”

We are sure visitors will join us in thanking Sophia Ainsworth. Her time and expertise will make a positive difference to families coming to The Customs House. We also wish her every success in her business Spectrum Holidays. fun sensory holidays for families all across the spectrum.