b'OUR FACILITIES THEATREJEFF BROWNBBC Look NorthOver the past 25 years our main auditorium has stagedWe love the placefor its great community work, its plays, pantos, live music,engagement with youngsters, magic shows, awardits commitment to new writing ceremonies, musicals,and the way it continues to cabaret nights, and muchpunch WAY above its weight in an increasingly competitive more.world.Weve premiered more than 100 new plays, musicals and pantomimes, many of which have been from rst-time writers and directors, and have launched the careers of a host of actors.A galaxy of showbiz stars have appeared at The Customs House and many leading politicians have also addressed Customs House audiences. Our annual pantomime continues to delight massive audiences and grows in size and reputation every year.Well over 27,000 people enjoyed Beauty and the Beast in 2018, living up to its reputation as the Little Panto with the Big Heart.'