b'DONT JUSTJOHN MILES CHRIS RAMSEYMusician and SingerComedian TAKE OURThe Customs House is very specialSeeing shows at The Customs House to me. Without it I wouldnt havewhen I was younger was always a WORD FORbeen inspired to write for musicalhuge joy for me. and now performing IT theatre. Heres to the next 25 years. there is even greater.ALFIE JOEY GEORGE IRVINGRadio PresenterActorI cannot think of a more inclusive,(The Customs House is) a venue held in welcoming, warm place than thisthe highest esteem in the theatre world, jewel of South Shields. I feel luckywhose community work is renowned any time I get to step on that stageand imitated, and which provides the or sit in the audience. Heres to 25hub for creativity, entertainment and more years of curtain calls for agood times in my hometown.truly lovely place.ANDY BOGLE EMMA LEWELL BUCKBusinessman and Philanthropist MPThe Customs House, always there like a familiar(The Customs House) is a place where friend; a veritable old building that had stoodour community comes together to learn watch over this stretch of river for more than aand develop skills. Generations have been hundred years, a witness to the changes that transformed the Tyne from a meandering river intoinspired to become involved in the arts a mighty hub of marine engineering and globalbecause we have this venue in our trade.I heartily congratulate the Customs Houseamazing town. It is always buzzing and on its Silver Anniversary may it long continue! alive with the joy of learning.TOM KELLY ALEX FERGUSONPlaywrightWriter and Playwright Thank you Customs House, for givingReturning from working away,this Jarra Lad the opportunity to beI saw the very heart of Shields dying.I stood in the part of such wonderful shows withruins, dead pigeons underfoot or uttering through unforgettable memories in a lovelythe broken tiles.Yet now I see the heart of Shields heart-warming venue.I am raising arenewed where The Customs House Theatre stands, a beacon of light & encouragement to glass to the next twenty-ve years!young & old.'