b'WHY SHOULD YOU GET INVOLVED?Today, more than ever, we need your help to sustain our projects.As a charitable trust every penny of our prot is reinvested to help us support the local community, deliver education projects, nurture new creative talent and maintain our Grade II listed building.We can offer you great conference and event facilities and unique brand raising opportunities.We are dedicated to working closely with companies to develop a partnership that really benets their business and supports our charity.250,000 VISITORS ANNUALLY OVER 300,000 UNIQUE HITS TO OUR WEBSITE DR SHOBHA SRIVASTAVA MBEOVER 520,000 EMAILS SENT EACH YEARHindu Nari Sangh (Hindu Womens Association)120,000 EVENT BROCHURES DISTRIBUTEDWe could not have been able to achieve what we THROUGHOUT THE REGIONhave without the help of the director and the staff LARGE AND ACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE of The Customs House.'